Let There Be Light!

Brandon LeNoir
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Taught by Brandon LeNoir

Brandon LeNoir is a motorcycle enthusiast and a Led Zeppelin fanatic. He is also an interior/product designer who is passionate about lighting design. You can view his work at www.brandonlenoir.com

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Amps, Ohms, Volts, Currents, Watts, WHAT?

Kick that confusion by getting down, dirty and wiring your own cord and socket pendant light set! This class will look at basic electrical wiring in the form of lighting. Which is positive? Which is negative? Why does it matter? Those questions will be answered as we discuss light types, bulbs, circuits, wiring and more; culminating in hands on work constructing a pendant light.

Each student will make their own wired pendant light to take home, and all supplies are included in the class price.

(Class size: 12)

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