Lessons on Love and Heartbreak from 80s & 90s Television

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Taught by Simone Waugh

Simone Waugh (Say Waugh?!/ Moni Waugh) is a writer, social media maven, and Arts educator in Brooklyn, NY. Her hilarious and sometimes tragic dating stories can be found in all corners of the internet and in print including her book, Bubble Baths, Sex & Hot Chocolate. She has been featured on several stages across the United States including the legendary Nuyorican Poetry Café. 

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All that quarantine binge watching is about to pay off. From Dawson’s Creek to Felicity, Friends to Will and Grace, and Saved by the Bell to Boy Meets World. Whether we admit it or not, the dynamics that existed in 80s and 90s television's most epic breakups and love stories found their way into our homes, and into some of our romantic relationships. If not, it was at least equally fun, cheesy and at times cringe-worthy to witness.

This class will take you through Zack Morris’ playbook, examine the love triangles on Dawson’s Creek and Felicity, relive the passion between Cory and Topanga, dissect Carrie and Mr. Big, finally settle whether or not Ross and Rachel were really “on a break”, and more.

While being nostalgic, participate in an interactive assessment that reveals your personality and love language.

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