Learning Lenormand

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Taught by Russ Ross

Russ Ross employs his training as an astrologer with his decades of tarot experience to provide comprehensive, yet concise predictive readings. He employs his understanding to offer students a simple, no-nonsense approach to the tarot system.

By day you can find him hiding behind the lens of his camera as he shoots some of New York’s finest commercial and residential properties. 

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The Lenormand Cards are tools we can use to help ground our questions and show us more concrete symbols reflecting back even finer details.

Come explore what the bite-size, 36-card deck has to say, and as always, uncover their astrological links. We’ll discuss each card and explore some spreads that can show us the when, where and how of our lives.

No prior knowledge or experience in tarot or astrology is required. 

(A deck of cards will be provided for use during class, and if you'd like to keep them, they'll be available for purchase afterwards.)

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