Learn to Quilt!

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Taught by Dory Kornfeld

Dory Kornfeld Thrasher just finished her PhD in Urban Planning. She teaches college classes at SUNY, CUNY, and Columbia; knits, quilts, and pickles; and runs marathons. Quilts (& quilty projects) can be seen at http://truequilts.tumblr.com/and everything else is at http://greenpeugeot.tumblr.com/


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Quilting is one of the most satisfying and magical craft projects out there. It's a great way to play with colours and fabrics, sew without worrying about whether what you make will fit over your bust or behind, and make warm cozy things to drape over your chairs and put on your beds. 

In this class we're going to learn all the parts of quilting by making tiny quilts, and some hand-pieced patchwork blocks. 

In the first class we'll make a whole tiny quilt from start to finish, learning about quilt tops, batting, backings, basting, quilting, and binding. 

In the next two classes we'll learn how to make a few different kinds of traditional patchwork blocks--nine-patch, log cabin, and half-square triangles.

Armed with all these new skills, you will be able to make a whatever-sized quilt you desire!

Skills required:

Please be comfortable hand sewing, know how to thread a needle and make stitches and use pins.

Materials you need to bring:

* a half-yard of three different prints of cotton fabric that you think look good together, probably two patterns and one solid. This doesn't have to be new fabric--an old or thrifted skirt, pillowcase, dress shirt, or tablecloth will do. Whatever fabric you do choose, make sure it goes through the washer and dryer before you quilt with it. 

* Fabric scissors (good scissors that have never been used to cut paper) - we'll have some on hand too

* If you have 'em, a rotary cutter, mat, and quilting ruler. These things aren't required, but will make your life so much better, and a totally worthwhile investment if you think that you might do any more quilting or patchwork in the future. We'll also have a few of these on hand. 

* Hand-quilting thread to match your fabric and needles to go with.

(class size: 9, hands on!)

Some places you might gather this stuff:






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