It's All Greek to Me: An Introduction to Greek Mythology

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Taught by Amber Charlick

By trade, Amber is an independent contractor in the education sector. She provides remediation, enrichment, and behavior modification strategies to students and their families. When she's not molding the minds of tomorrow's future leaders, Amber is a Ph.D. candidate in psychology, a newlywed, a competitive rugger, an amateur chef, plus a whole lot more. Her obsession with mythology lead her to create this course.

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This course will serve as a brief introduction to Greek mythology.

Not only is the world of Greek mythology interesting, but it is also the foundation of allusion and character genesis in literature. In this introductory course, participants will begin their journey to understand the origin of Greek mythology and catch a brief glimpse at the Olympian gods and goddesses (to be further discussed, at length, in future classes).

Only know a little about the subject matter? Nothing at all? Know entirely too much and find amusement in registering for courses you already have mastery in because you like to help the facilitator out of the kindness of your heart? Then this is certainly the place for you to spend your Wednesday night.

Participants will [hopefully] walk away with a greater understanding of the origin of Greek mythology, the rationale behind its inception, and the importance that it played in Greek culture.

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