Indoor Composting!

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Taught by Andrew Mirsky

Andrew Mirsky is split. Daytime brings client meetings and business analysis. While after-hours brings cooking, cycling, sustainable agriculture, starting new businesses, boat building (not in a bottle!) and learning about all sorts of (very) random skills/topics.


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Class price includes all the materials needed to start your own little indoor compost heap!

Learn to make your own compost at home! We'll cover how it all works, the dos and don'ts for composter success, and we'll build your own indoor composter (worms and all!)  In case you feel apprehensive, let us quickly dispel some myths for you: 

Myth #1: It's smelly, makes a mess and needs a lot of space.

Not True! Composting is nature's way of recycling. Why not make it yours too? It'll fit under your kitchen sink and you'll barely know that it's there. So, gather some vegetable scraps and turn them into rich, wonderful fertilizer. It'll make your urban plants happier than you (or they) could ever imagine.

Myth #2: The worms will escape and turn into mutant monsters.

Not True! The red wiggler worm is truly more scared of light than you are of it. Given your vegetable leftovers, they are happy and content to do nothing all day but churn out all-natural, fertilized soil. They make even less demanding "pets" than goldfish! 


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