In Person - Embroidery 2: Textures

Rhiannon Platt
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Taught by Rhiannon Platt

Rhiannon Platt is at least third generation fiber artist. Raised by seamstresses, crocheters, and fiber artists of all kinds, she picked up her first pair of needles over a decade ago. Since her first scarf, Rhiannon has gone on to fabricate for Lion Brand Yarn, Nathan Vincent, Olek, Jeila Gueramian, Londonkaye, and Levi’s. In between commissions, she finds time to write patterns and make endless sweaters.

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In Embroidery 2, students will learn how to combine stitches from our embroidery sampler class with new ones to create a three-dimensional flower. New skills will include multiple ways to fill in a design, from satin stitch to filling with the split stitch. After filling in their flower, students will learn how to use couching to add more color and dimensionality to their flowers. In addition to these new skills students will walk away with a finished floral piece like the below! 

If you haven't taken our embroidery sampler class, you'll just want to be comfortable with basic embroidery stitches like the back stitch. This class is intended for students with a bit of embroidery experience! 

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We also offer an introductory class for beginners.


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