Illustrative Mapmaking: Windsor Terrace

image courtesy Malou Zuidema
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Taught by Malou Zuidema

Malou Zuidema is an illustrator and teaching artist from the Netherlands. She graduated with a four year Bachelor in Fine Arts in Education from the Amsterdam School of Art in the Netherlands in 2010,and since than has run workshops as part of festivals, community art projects and in art studios in both Amsterdam and Hobart (Australia). Her work is characterized as hand-made, quirky and colorful. Her images are often the results of scribble drawings and playful collages.

She believes that playfulness is what creating art is all about; having a great time and going home with something new, something that you didn’t know you could create before.

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Take this workshop as your opportunity to go back to that beautiful Tropical Island you visited last year. Or visualize your city or neighborhood so you friends and family know where they should go to when they visit you. And, if not that, you can always go back to childhood treasure map creation!

This workshop is a great way to explore visual storytelling. We’ll look into answering different visual questions, like: how many ways can you come up with to show what is land, water and mountains? How do you plan the placement of different items and symbols, and how do you express a feeling or vibe that goes along with what the map’s experience should be like.

In this 2.5-hour workshop we’ll:

  • Look at some inspiring examples of maps created by different artists and illustrators.
  • Explore different illustration aspects such as planning, composition, color.
  • Experiment with different techniques such as drawing, ink, collage, paint and stamping.
  • Take home: A variety of different illustrations

Check out some work from past classes: 



images courtesy Malou Zuidema

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