Ice It: Brewing Amazing Iced Coffee

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Taught by Matt

Good grind, clean water, consitent filter. Priorities, realigned.

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Are you an iced coffee chugging manaic?

If you've found yourself looking for iced coffee that doesn't taste sour or watered down, you don't want to miss this class. Just because its on the rocks, doesn't mean it has to taste bad. In fact, iced coffee can be as lively and complex as a hot brew or as indulgent as your favorite espresso drink.

Starting with some vocabulary to decode some caffeinated confusion (over extraction, under extraction, bold, dark, red eye), we'll touch up on brewing basics, flavor description and then delve into the world of iced coffee.

Over the course of the hour we'll explore two brew methods each with great potential for delicious iced joe. We'll talk acidity, body, and "strength." Which coffees to brew how and when to use cold brew vs hot. What you should never ever do to make iced coffee. What makes a great iced drink, and how to achieve balance. 

We'll taste some different recipes and make some drinks that'll keep you from pining for your commute cafe on those hot summer mornings. 

Bringing it all together, we'll get in some hands-on brew time and brush up on some basics. 

Beginning home-brewers and burgeoning baristas all welcome; brewing at home isn't as hard as you might think, and a great cup of iced coffee is one of the best things on a steamy NYC morning.


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