How to Write a Grant Proposal

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Taught by Jen Bokoff

Jen is a connector, blogger, storyteller, and people-watcher. She is the Director of GrantCraft at the Foundation Center, and has previously done work ranging from developing tax court cases for the IRS to serving as a program officer for a private foundation to creating an emergency preparedness plan for a city. She also laughs a lot.
Jen's a Brainery groupie and wrote about it for the Huffington Post, which you should probably read and share. You can find her otherwise on twitter and tumblr and right behind you.

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Does the idea of writing a grant make you cringe and procrastinate in any way possible? Do you want to suggest projects at your nonprofit but don’t know how you’ll raise the funding to execute? Do you have basic writing skills but don’t know how to string together an appealing narrative? Take the fear out of grantwriting and feel more confident bringing thoughtful ideas to fruition!

In this two-week intensive course, you will learn a step-by-step approach to writing a proposal for a nonprofit. Learn the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them, and get a glimpse into the potential funder’s perspective. Reshape your grantwriting process and workshop your proposal.

This class is perfect for employees or wannabe employees of a nonprofit with an open mind and willingness to participate. It’s not as good for people who are interested in Kickstarter-like projects or personal funding… that’s another class for another day!

Note: materials will be provided, but please come to class with an organization or project in mind for discussion. The course will be taught using Mim Carlson’s book entitled Winning Grants, which is recommended for purchase as a reference material upon completion of the course. I also suggest taking notes, as the first week will be somewhat lecture-heavy.

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