How to Use Your DSLR

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Taught by Beth Hommel

Beth Hommel has been a professional photographer for half her life. She shoots headshots, candids, swanky charity events, rock concerts and weddings, but her passion is creating unique portraits of interesting people. Her photographs can be found in magazines and newspapers worldwide as well as on e-commerce sites, in pro-equality propaganda, in a Neil Gaiman/Amanda Palmer fine art book, and hanging on the walls of many satisfied portrait clients.

Over the years Beth's shot hundreds of people including politicians, actors, artists, and musicians, but her favorite subject is her camera-shy fiancee Kayla.

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So you've made the leap to a digital SLR but the sheer number of buttons and dials has you baffled? If you're tired of the haphazard results of shooting on "auto," this class is for you!

You'll learn the nuts and bolts of DSLR photography through group and individual discussion as well as lots of experimentation, and leave with the confidence and knowledge to take better pictures.

We'll cover old-school concepts like shutter speed, aperture and ISO that will help you make the most of your DSLR as a high-tech tool. You'll learn how to adjust your camera's settings as well as how to use them to your advantage in different lighting conditions. We'll also discuss the variety of lenses and accessories out there and how to choose the best ones for you when you're ready to upgrade.

(class size: 12, lecture, discussion, experimentation)

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