How to Run a Marathon (or Half-Marathon)!

Dory Kornfield
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Taught by Dory Kornfeld

Dory Kornfeld Thrasher just finished her PhD in Urban Planning. She teaches college classes at SUNY, CUNY, and Columbia; knits, quilts, and pickles; and runs marathons. Quilts (& quilty projects) can be seen at everything else is at


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Here is a thing you should know about running a marathon: it’s not impossible. It’s not a superhuman feat. It is a reasonable, achievable, and strangely fun thing to do.

In this session, Dory—a totally regular human who went from running the occasional loop of Prospect Park to running the Philadelphia Marathon in less than a year—will talk about how (& why!) to run a marathon and answer all your questions.

Topics will include: how to pick a race, training schedules, running shoes, running clothes, the New York City running & racing scene, charity teams, making running friends, weird things people say to runners, running in the snow, running in the rain, running in 103 degrees, “recovery runs”, GPS watches, useful and ridiculous running gear, eating before, during, and after running, the McMillan running calculator, what a “race plan” is, what start corrals are, what pace bunnies do, tapering, cheering, PR-ing, 10:30 am beer, port-o-potties, waking up in the middle of the night to eat, what to think about while running for 5 hours, and the incredible importance of stretching.

If you’ve though about maybe someday running a marathon or half, or you’re looking for insight into why people bother to do such things, c’mon out. This will be a low-key discussion with plenty of Q&A! Come with your questions, concerns, and preconceived notions!



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