How To Make Irrational Decisions


Taught by kyle

I deal in cultural insight at the strategic trends consultancy PSFK but mostly I'm just hoping to figure out why humans keep trying to be so rational. 
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This class will be an exploration in the paradoxical nature of human decision-making. This class may not immediately teach you how to make better decisions, but you'll gain some insight on the things that affect the way we make them, and maybe some ways to think about decision-making's relationship to happiness.

We'll explore why everything we intuitively believe about decision-making and rationality is wrong, covering relevant research along the way. We'll think about what it means to 'want' something, as well as the implications of 'optimizing' our lives.

Some game theory will make it's way in, as well as a slight bit of fundamental neuropsychology to build a bit of a foundation for how different parts of the brain contribute to the decision-making process. 

Mostly we'll be thinking of the decisions we make in our individual lives, so some open conversation on personal decisions we've made in the last 5 years and 5 days will be in order.

Take with Food, Water, Sleep for twice the brainy fun. 

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