How to Design Your Apartment (and then Sell It)

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Taught by Realty Collective

Victoria Hagman has ten years of real estate experience and started Realty Collective in 2005, when she was (amazingly) just 24. Now she's working on a Masters in Historic Preservation at Pratt, and Realty Collective has just opened a second office on Smith Street. She has two awesome daschunds, Wally and Chester, and lives and breathes everything Brooklyn.

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Whether you're looking to sell now, in the future, or just looking for some design advice while you're still living there, the experts from Realty Collective and The Brooklyn Home Company have you covered. They'll share their advice for catching the eye of prospective buyers.  (And there will be wine.) (It will be awesome.)

We’re not going to blow smoke – it is bleak out there.

But some people are seeing their homes sell over asking prices in bidding wars that resemble the insanity of 2006 (but with more secure financing, of course).

Why do some homes sell quickly while others just sit there? We’ll share our secrets - with case studies and current market analysis – to show you what it takes to sell today.

This class, like all the rest, meets at 515 Court Street, in Carroll Gardens BK. 

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