How to Buy an Engagement Ring (or any other kind of ring)

image courtesy William Warby
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Taught by Anna Rasche

Anna Rasche is a gemologist and independent jewelry historian with over a decade of experience researching, making, buying and selling jewelry here in NYC. She has spoken about jewels for Sotheby's Institute, JCK Las Vegas, and the Cooper Hewitt and has helped hundreds of couples find the right rings to celebrate their relationship. Outside of the world of jewelry, she is co-founder of the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies, a boozy history lecture series that has been bringing good times and fun facts to bars and museums around the city since 2011. 

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Picking out an engagement ring should be fun, not intimidating. But questions like "What's the difference between 'karat' and 'carat'?" and "How do I tell if this is even a real gemstone?" can make participating in this ancient tradition feel a bit overwhelming. In this course, get familiar with the terminology, trends and "do" and "don'ts" of ring purchasing so you can shop with confidence. 

We'll cover 
  • The "anatomy" of a ring
  • Diamonds, including the "4 Cs", ethical sourcing & GIA certification
  • Intro to colored gemstones
  • Brief discussion of historic styles & current trends
  • Scams and sales tactics to steer clear from
  • Practicals like finger-sizing and insurance

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