How I learned to Solve a Rubik's Cube in 2 Minutes or Less

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Taught by Jonathan Bohm

Jonathan, a native New Yorker who grew up in the UK, works in TV research by day and creates strange music and imagery (art?) by night. He has a Master's degree in social research and has lectured at the City University of New York at Hunter. Addictions include: synthesizers, electronic music, puzzles, and baseball. 

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It is, arguably, the world's most recognizable puzzle. For over 30 years the Rubik's Cube has entertained, perplexed and frustrated millions among millions of people worldwide while catapulting itself to the status of best selling puzzle toy of all time. 

Using some algorithms and memorization you'll be taught how, in mere minutes, to reduce the Cube from any of its 43 quintillion positions down to just 1 - the solved state. Gone will be the days of  "Argh! I'm going to throw this thing against the wall!" or "What if I just peel off and rearrange the stickers?" Instead you'll be able to impress your friends, peers, and coworkers with some serious Cube solving skills. 

If you've got a Cube, go ahead and bring it, if not we'll have a new one for you. Also have a notebook and pencil ready - note taking is highly recommended. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Once you sign up, let us know if you have a 3x3 cube, otherwise we'll purchase one for you and have it at class (for an extra $10 materials fee.)

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