Historical Cloth-making: Spinning and Felting

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Taught by Miranda

Miranda, who just came back back from finishing a Medieval History Masters in London focused on weaving laws of England, is a Historical Cloth-making instructor, Licensed New York City tour guide, Stage Combat choreographer, Event Coordinator, and that’s only what she does in her spare time. She loves passing on her fascination with history to as many people as she can through hands-on, inventive, ways.

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Women’s work, unskilled labor, homecraft pastime….The skill of creating cloth from its raw materials has been put down in many ways. Can you imagine an entire country’s economy fluctuating on how many sweaters people wear, or people passing down each scrap handkerchief in their will? Well you will if you take this course.

Spinning and Felting wool are highly skilled, fascinating, and wonderfully soothing activities. This workshop focuses on the process of cloth making from raw fleece and roving (cleaned, carded fleece) to yarn and felted fabrics.

We will be Spinning! Both with a drop spindle as well as with a spinning wheel.

We will be Felting! Both needle felting and water felting. We will be creating beads, patches, paintings, creatures…if you can imagine it, you can felt it.

Be prepared to leave this class with something awesome that you've made. 

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