Herbal Cocktails + Mocktails (ONLINE)

Dawn Petter
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Taught by Dawn Petter

With a passion and vast knowledge of herbs and a prolific career in design, Herbalist, Dawn Petter teaches classes about the art of plant based healing. Her classes are imaginative and accessible and are taught to encourage students to use herbal medicine in their daily lives. She incorporates her training from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism with her natural creative flare.  Dawn works as a Clinical Herbalist and Flower essence Practitioner in NYC and offers in depth consults by appointment. You can also find her, leading herb walks and teaching classes at The New York Botanic Gardens, The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, The Horticultural Society of New York, The 92 Y, and the New York Open Center amongst other places.

Dawn is the creator of Petalune Herbals, a resource for hand crafted herbal skincare and luxury botanical products. To learn more visit www.petaluneherbals.com or contact, dawn@petaluneherbals.com

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Medicinal plants have been used for aperitifs and digestis for centuries, and learning how to infuse different botanical flavors into our drinks can add new tastes, complexity and health benefits that may be as unfamiliar as some of the plants themselves. If you've been curious to turn your hand at some plant based mixology, then please join us to make along during the practical portion of class. This class will introduce to the wonders of using leaves, flowers, barks, seeds and berries into a range of bases both alcoholic and non alchoholic drinks.

If you'd like to participate in the practical for this class, please have the following ingredients.  You will only need a small amount of each herb, approximately an ounce.

  • Hops, orange peel*, schisandra berry, turmeric, marshmallow root,  fresh lemonbalm or mint.
  • Kitchen spices: cinnamon, black pepper
  • Additional herbs that would be great to have, if you have them already: Tulsi, blue vervain, rose, lavender
  • If you are using alcohol, any of the following choices will work: unwooded white wine, like sauvignon blanc, and Gin

Other items: 

  • can of chickpeas
  • any of the following fresh or frozen fruits raspberries, strawberries, peaches
  • raw honey or cane sugar, 
  • fresh ginger, lime, lemon, 
  • apple cider vinegar, and a large bottle of sparkling water
  • a cocktail shaker or whisk and some ice!

* If  you eat fresh organic oranges, save and dry the peels, and then you won't have to buy the orange peel!

if you would like to join in the practical remedy making. The sooner you order your supplies the better, as not all items may be in stock at every supplier.

Herb Suppliers: If you are a Brooklyn resident you can purchase dried herbs at the following  shops offering curbside pick up are: Sacred Vibes, (Ditmas Park), Remedies, ( Carroll Gardens), Radical Herbs, (Atlantic Avenue). If in NYC, you can purchase at Flower Power, (East Village). Call all shops for details. 

Online, you can order from Starwest Botanicals, and Mountain Rose Herbs and also  Jeans Greens.com, as well as other suppliers if you google search the herbs.


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