Haitian Cuisine

Image courtesy Wynnie Lamour
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Taught by Wynnie & Reuben

Wynnie & Reuben have been Octavia Butler enthusiasts for decades. They are both Educators who focus on working with people of African Descent and have used the words of Octavia to encourage critically conscious conversations. Wynnie is of Haitian descent and is the founder of The Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York. Reuben is of Ghanaian descent and is a Higher Education Administrator at CUNY. Wynnie & Reuben have engaged in dynamic conversation around Octavia at the Brainery for the past several years. They have been married for almost a year and are craftily dodging baby questions from their very traditional families.

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Have you ever wondered what exactly IS Haitian cuisine? Maybe you've been to a Haitian restaurant and you're dying to recreate at home that wonderful dish that you had. Or you're just a foodie who's looking to try something new. Look no further! Come learn what makes Haitian cuisine unique.

This class session will include a discussion about the history of Haitian cuisine and its many influences, a review of traditional Haitian spices, and a cooking lesson during which we will cook a full Haitian meal.

Come prepared to eat and learn why the way to the hearts of so many Haitian people is through their stomachs!

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