Guided Meditation

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Taught by Rachel

Rachel has been meditating since she was 4 years old and believes that every person can learn to meditate! We all have an innate ability to connect inward with ourselves and often overlook that this may be our form of meditation. Rachel focuses on connecting with the heart and helping students find their best form of meditation. 
For two decades, Rachel has helped people find their purpose and their bliss, assisting clients to understand more about themselves through individual, intuitive coaching sessions. You belong here; let’s work together to guide you towards the excellent life you are destined for.
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Chances are you already meditate and don't even know it. Every time you walk or run and your steps match up with your breath, you are meditating. Every time you close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths, you are meditating. 

Come dive deeper or just begin your journey into meditation with this guided meditation course. We will sit and meditate for between 25-35 minutes (allowing time for intro and outro exercises) while I guide you through small exercises that you can then take with you and do on your own. 

There is no right way to meditate so lets find what works for you and tap into your inner light and joy!

This guided meditation is suitable for beginners and those with experience meditating. If you have a yoga bolster, feel free to bring it along! 


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