Garment Maintenance: Buttons

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Taught by Sarah Kate Beaumont

Sarah Kate Beaumont is the founder of Verysweetlife Studio, a sewing school which teaches sewing for sustainability's sake. A professional artist, Beaumont is in her third year of a project to make almost everything she wears. She was recently profiled in The New York Times. A blog documenting her work is:

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There's a moment when you realize the button hanging by a single thread on your winter coat is probably going to fall off, but instead fixing it, you hedge your bets and hope it makes it through the season, or at least the week.

In this class, we'll learn how to sew buttons on garments with the skills of a tailor. Sarah will show you the ropes (or the threads, as the case may be). You'll acquire the knowledge to sew on a button professionally, be it on a heavy overcoat or a dress shirt.

Besides knowing how mend a shirt that is missing a button, you'll be able to apply the techniques learned in this class to spruce up a shirt by replacing its buttons with customized ones, creating a bespoke masterpiece that would have cost much more at the store.

(And though this class is generally aimed at guys, all are, of course, welcome!)

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