From Napster to Netflix: A History of Media from 1999 to Today

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Taught by Eve MacKnight

Eve MacKnight served as Director of Project Management at ScrollMotion, a tech start-up that has published thousands of apps to iTunes since 2008.  Prior to ScrollMotion, Eve was a producer for feature films, music videos and commercial projects. She has worked with Sesame Street, National Geographic, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, and the NFL.

Eve is the founder of, a training company that advises on how to effectively manage digital projects. Eve teaches at General Assembly and the NY Media Center.  She is a total media geek.


Wednesday, October 11, 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Prospect Heights Brainery (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights, BK)

Since the launch of Napster in 1999, there has been a massive transformation in how we create and consume media. This class charts the waves of change over the past two decades.

We’ll start by looking at the tools and technology that underpin the digital revolution. We’ll then trace what’s happened in three areas: music, print, and moving image (tv and film). Along the way we’ll discuss the long tail, piracy, streaming, eBooks, YouTube stars and more. We’ll talk about the upstarts and the big winners; about what has been lost and what has been gained. 

Finally, we will talk about how 2017 is a tipping point for another accelerating wave of change in what we create, watch, read and hear.


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