Folded Memory Books

Jessie Katz Greenberg
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Taught by Jessie Katz Greenberg

Jessie Katz Greenberg is a crafter, educator, and content creator living in Washington Heights with her husband, 2 cats, and 2 hermit crabs. With a BFA in Visual Communication Design and Art History, Jessie spent 10+ years as a graphic designer before focusing on community management where she specializes in events and engaging with creatives. She is obsessed with crafting, which shines through her experience as Artist Community Manager at Spoonflower, co-hosting the Craft Hangout Podcast, directing craft, DIY, & home content at Jumprope (a video startup purchased by LinkedIn), and her breadth of workshops including embroidery, hand lettering, printmaking, glass etching, paper crafting, and more. 

Follow along with Jessie’s crafty adventures @jessiekatzgreenberg on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.


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In this workshop you’ll learn one-page zine folding techniques combined with collage and scrapbooking tips to create mini memory books.

These are the perfect alternative to traditional scrapbooks and printed photo books. Mini memory books provide a bite-sized, hands on and personalized way to remember family vacations, holiday celebrations, and special milestones. Bring printed photos to fill your book, or have a future event in mind and make a memory book template that can be filled in at a later date. 

Memory books are best when customized to you. Feel free to bring:

  • Photos (printed on copy paper with a home printer work great for this project, keeping in mind your book pages will be 2.5”–5” inches wide)

  • Tickets

  • Product labels and packaging

  • Receipts

  • Stickers

  • Magazines

  • Greeting cards, postcards, and handwritten notes

  • Fabric scraps

  • Washi Tape

  • Anything you won’t mind cutting up and gluing into your memory book!

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