Fold Books

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Taught by Woody Leslie

Woody Leslie is an artist, bookmaker, cartoonist, and musician originally from Vermont, but now living in Brooklyn. He is the founder One Page Productions, an artist book printing press specializing in tiny books made from one sheet of paper (more at Not only has he printed a wide range of titles through 1Pp, he has also self-published a multitude of handbound artist books, writings, comic books, and more. 

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The fact is, if you fold a piece of paper in half, you already have a book! We're going to extrapolate this simple concept and learn how to make a variety of tiny books, fold books, and accordion books--from the simple, to the elegant & complicated--without any need for binding.

We'll cover 5 or 6 different structures in the class time, and talk about ways that these blank prototypes can be elaborated upon, personalized, and turned into your own atypical chapbooks, zines, or birthday cards even.

When it's all said and done, you'll come home with several books you've made, the knowledge and wherewithal to make more on your own, and a head full of ideas to put your hands to work. This class is great to satisfy your own interest, as well as learn some easy book structures to pass on to a group of your own students.

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