Flower School Crash Course

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Taught by Rhonda Violet Zuri Suri Smith

Rhonda M. Smith is a Brooklyn-based freelance floral designer, mixed media artist, writer, budding entrepreneur and free-spirit. She sprouted from a family of florists and has been designing professionally for eight years. She is currently working on a new floral design and styling company set to bloom later this year. She is known for her wild divergent thinking and compulsive hobby-ing.

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If you've been dying to create floral masterpieces to impress your guests at your next dinner party, explore your naturalistic side or discover a new hobby or passion, then this floral arranging intensive is just right for your budding creativity.

In this introductory hands-on and lecture based hybrid class, we will quickly venture into the world of floral arranging. We will cover all the basics including arranging fundamentals, flower care and conditioning and the nuances that go into creating a dynamic arrangement while exploring the breadth of floral arranging styles and approaches both past and present. This class will remove the intimidation around working with flowers while allowing you to explore your own creativity through nature’s beauty.

You will complete two basic hands on projects in European hand forming and the creation of your very own composition bouquet, all the while having fun, of course!

(Class size: 10, hands on + lecture)

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