Feminism: Women in Philosophy

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Taught by Ryan Doto

Ryan Doto is a host of things, including an obsessive learner, an omnivorous reader, a technophile, and an overall closet nerd. His professions include philosophy PhD student, professional Starcraft II player, and creator of two daily podcasts. If he could merge a book and a computer (and not the way the Nook or Kindle have), he would never, ever go outside.

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Let's talk about some of the most under-discussed people in philosophy - women!  This course will cover some of the greatest female philosophers and civil rights activists the last few centuries have been lucky enough to see. 

We'll start out looking at the fore-mothers of female activism, and why they were so unsuccessful and move on to cover everything from Simone De Beauvoir's argument that women are the second sex, contemporary discussions and debates about what feminism is, what it is to be a feminist, and finally to how we can find the all-elusive "equality" between men and women (not to mention what that "equality" would even look like!)

Come women, come men!  This course is not a man-bashing hate-fest that claims women are better off without men (I hope not - I'm a man!)  Rather, it is an honest look at a very important development of feminist thoughts and thinkers throughout our country's childhood and adolescence. It will be a much needed, very informative, and hopefully lively and fun exploration of where women stand now, where they have been, and how, ultimately, feminism can and should be empowering to all people.


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