Fake Archaeology: An April Fool’s Exploration of Aliens, Atlantis, and Freaky Artifacts

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Taught by Patty Hamrick

Patty Hamrick has an M.A. in Archaeological Anthropology from New York University. She has worked on excavations across Europe, Asia, and North America, including India, Cyprus, and Syria. She loves bringing her passion for the past to new people. You can follow her on twitter, @pluperfectpatty.

Wednesday, April 1, 6:30-8:00pm

Location: Prospect Heights Brainery (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights, BK)

The global presence of pyramids, the unknown purpose of Stonehenge, the lost continent of Atlantis… we’ve all heard the conspiracy theories that claim to prove ancient aliens visited Earth. But are aliens really the answer to the puzzles of the past?

In Fake Archaeology, we’ll investigate the world’s biggest archaeological mysteries, debunk a bunch of YouTube videos, and learn about the actual research of scientists seeking to uncover the truth about human history. We’ll also talk about what the appeal of misinformation is, why it's a problem, and how to stop it.

But even if the aliens are fake, archaeology can still be fun! We don't have all the answers, and the class will end by introducing you to a few real historical mysteries.

Come celebrate April Fool’s Day with the frauds, hoaxes, and fake news of the ancient world!

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