Fact-Checking Workshop

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Taught by Brooke Borel

Brooke Borel is a journalist and author. She's a contributing editor at Popular Science and she has also written for the Guardian, the Atlantic, BuzzFeed News, Aeon, and PBS's NOVA Next, among others. Her books include Infested and The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking. Check out her work at brookeborel.com or follow her on Twitter @brookeborel

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Want to get a job in fact-checking? Looking to sharpen your reporting skills? How do you know an article is actually accurate -- and what steps should you take to be absolutely sure you know what you think you know?

Fact-checking is vital to nonfiction writing. This is especially true now that we're dealing with "fake news" and "alternative facts." In this day-long workshop, Brooke Borel, journalist and author of The Chicago Guide to Fact-Checking, will walk you through the what why and how of fact-checking. You'll learn how to vet sources of all types. Hands-on exercises will teach you how to fact-check quotes, photographs, headlines, and more. We’ll also cover how to navigate relationships with writers, editors, and sources.

You'll come away from the class ready to fact-check at any magazine, and you'll also have tips on how you can apply these steps to your own writing if you don’t have the luxury of working with a fact-checker.

This workshop is for you if you are: a writerjournalistfact-checker or are interested in nonfiction writing.

***Please bring a fully-charged laptop or smartphone*** 

We'll take a 30 minute (or so) lunch break, feel free to bring food or head out into the neighborhood!


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