Evelyn Nesbit and the Scandalous Story of the First "Trial of the Century"

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Taught by James Hoffman

James is just this guy, y'know?  Humble, intelligent, charming. Eyes a color you don't know the name for. He'll take you for a bike ride with his company Albert and James in the morning, play a board game with you with his board game group Victory Pints in the evening and then prattle on about D&D and cocktails at night. Only in the morning will you realize that it was all a ploy and your jewels are no longer in the safe. Instead there's a note so beautifully written that the police officer who collects 'it' as evidence breaks downs in tears. You sob with him as the neighborhood wakes up around you.

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In the year 1900 a young girl from the Pittsburgh area becomes an artist's model in New York City. Her beauty leads to her image becoming almost omnipresent - appearing on postcards, magazines, and advertisements everywhere. This exposure leads to gigs as a chorus girl and actress where she captures the interests of a famous actor, an accomplished architect, and an eccentric millionaire. Then things begins to fall apart...

Thus begins a fascinating true story of sex, fame, and murder. Also throw in some drugs, insanity, yellow press, architecture, art and show business for good measure. If you don't know anything about Evelyn Nesbit we recommend you don't look her up. Just come to this 90 minute presentation and be prepared to learn the story of one of the most famous trials of the 20th Century.

Lastly, a quick heads up that this talk does contain a couple short mentions of sexual assault in regards to Nesbit's life.

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