Enameling: The Use of Glass-on-Metal for Fine Art

Howard Eisman

Taught by Howard Eisman

Howard Eisman has been enameling for over thirty years in a large kiln which he built himself. He has been exhibited in the United states and Europe. He used to make his living as a clinical psychologist.

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People have been using heat to fuse glass to metal for three and a half millennia. During this time, the process has been used most often for crafts and decorative art. The use of this glass-on-metal process as a medium for fine art is much rarer. 

Topics covered will include:

  • the basic process of applying glass to metal with heat
  • a concise history of the use of enamel as an art medium through the centuries 
  • the use of enameling over the last fifty years for fine art, including large outdoor art enamels in public places.
  • art pieces created by the lecturer will be distributed for close examination, and the processes used in its fabrication will be discussed in detail

This illustrated presentation is made by Advocates For Fine Art Enameling.

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