Economics 101: The Essential Reports and What They Tell Us

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Taught by Mark Lieberman

Mark Lieberman is a media-savvy economist with broad experience in policy, administration and operations. As a former print reporter and cable TV personality, he brings communications talent and ability combined with technical analytic skills. He helped launch the Fox Business Network; his banking career spanned three top-ten institutions. As the lead economist for the nation’s largest thrift he developed new analytic techniques and served as the economic spokesperson for the bank.

Mark's speciality is "translating" complex information into plain English.

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Have you ever wondered what the unemployment rate we hear each month is telling us? Does an increase in the unemployment rate always mean the economy is getting worse? What does the monthly report on jobs -- on the first Friday of each month -- tell us about incomes and our ability to spend? What about prices? Why doesn't the monthly Consumer Price Index describe the cost of living? How important is housing to our economy? And what do all these numbers mean to and for you?

These questions and more will be answered in lively, entertaining sessions led by Mark Lieberman, an experienced bank economist and former television personality. Come prepared to listen, learn -- and ask questions.

Session 1 (Tuesday, August 9) will focus on the the employment report: payroll jobs, the unemployment rate and much, much more.

Session 2 (Tuesday, August 16) will explain the Consumer Price Index report and other indicators of the cost of living. 

Session 3 (Thursday, August 25) will delve into the "circle of housing" and how housing affects the entire economy.

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