Drop In Tie-Dye Party

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Taught by Jessica Kaufman

Jessica Kaufman holds a Masters in Crafts Education and leads a wide variety of fiber arts and textile workshops up and down the east coast. Her top-tier teaching topics are knitting, dyeing, felting, and surface design. Formerly of Brooklyn, Jess now lives in Asheville, NC. Find her online at waxonstudio.com & happygocrafty.com
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Attention all: tie-dye does not have to be garish or tacky! Or rainbow colored or in a big spiral (not that there's anything wrong with that). We know more than a dozen ways to get understated, sophisticated results that help you create a dyed item you would actually wear, and in a color palette that suits your everyday wardrobe. 

You know that soft old t-shirt that you love the fit and feel of, but can't in good conscience wear outside the house due to its pit stains/ icky color/ bleach spots/ whatever? Bring it on by anytime between 2 and 5pm and we'll teach you how to do an amazing job tie-dyeing it.

Items to dye should be 100% cotton or another natural, plant-based fiber (i.e., rayon, hemp, linen). The more times it's been washed, the better--don't bring in something right off the rack. Wear something you wouldn't mind getting dye splashed on, or bring an apron! 

And! Don't forget to tweet/instagram your creation (tagging @happygocrafty & @bkbrains) the day of the party because we'll be selecting one photo at random to win a Brainery gift certificate. 

(Kids welcome! We'll be in the backyard at our Prospect Heights location; and drop by anytime between 2-5pm. If you're looking to learn more techniques and dye more items, check out our in-depth class on May 20th.)

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