DNA, RNA, WTF: Basic Cellular & Molecular Biology

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Taught by Jessica S.

Despite her NYC pedigree, Jessica has always been obsessed with the natural world, above and beyond pigeons, rats, and cockroaches. By day, Jessica studies membrane biogenesis and signaling in M. tuberculosis, the nasty bacterium that causes TB. She holds an MPH from Columbia and a PhD from Cornell. Her grandmother would like you to know that this kind of doctorate means that Jessica does not come equipped with a prescription pad (and therefore “is not the real kind of doctor.").

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Do science columns in The NY Times send your head into a tizzy? Remember Bio 101? Yeah, neither do we.

This is a [hopefully entertaining and engaging] crash course in basic cellular and molecular biology. We will cover basic concepts such as kinds of cells and their components (hooray for ribosomes!) as well as what they actually do and how they do it.

This course is geared towards refreshing basic knowledge, and updating knowledge for those who have been out of school or away from science for a looooooonnnnggg time. Every molecular question you were ever too scared to ask, this is going to be the place for it. Richard Dawkins is going to tremble at the very thought of debating you after completion of this course.

No previous biology knowledge required although Jessica is known for consequence-free pop quizzes at the end of her classes, complete with themed prizes.

*The focus here is on the small scale, macro topics such as ecology and multicellular physiology will not be covered in this course.


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