DIY Wall Decals

image courtesy Meimal Wall Decals
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Taught by Emily L.

Emily is a textile designer, extracurricular crafting enthusiast, and varsity flea market scavenger.  She is excited to share her love of mod podge and glitter with you.

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Let’s face it: personalizing your walls would be a lot more fun if every picture frame you hung didn’t represent one more hole you’ll have to plaster over when you move. Enter wall decals: decorative, temporary, and completely landlord-friendly, they’re a great, risk-free way to add some life to your space.

In this class, you’ll learn easy, inexpensive techniques for making your very own, one-of-a-kind wall stickers at home. We’ll cover classic vinyl silhouette designs for maximum graphic impact, plus secrets for turning printed fabrics into awesome patterned decals.

Not artistically inclined? Not to worry: we’ll look at inspiration for projects that range from easy to elaborate, and we’ll talk about some tricks you can use to take super-simple shapes and turn them into impactful, interesting designs. Whether you’re looking to faux-wallpaper the living room, add a little whimsy to a nursery, or transform a room for a one-night theme party, you’ll come away with a stack of custom-made, ready-to-stick decals to get your project going, plus tons of ideas and tools for future redecorating sessions. 


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