DIY Sandal Making

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Taught by Kaye

Kaye is an Englishwoman, an illustrator/designer, and a felinophile. 





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Shoemaking is usually a time consuming, expensive, and intimidating venture exclusively reserved for an elite group of super-cobblers. But not anymore!

We're going to make our own sandals, elitism be damned, by using a simple, sneaky technique that removes the need for complicated cobbler's tools. And what is this technique? Wait for it: the shortest distance between Point A and Point Shoe is a flip-flop. By using an existing flip-floppy sole, we'll still construct the entire upper of the shoe, but we don't have to get into all the intense work that shoemaking usually requires.

We'll learn a few basic shapes of sandals and techniques for embellishment. Everyone will leave having made their own pair of leather (or vegetarian) sandals.

Students will need to bring a pair of cheap flip-flops (the kind with the spongy sole) to deconstruct. It's also important to have basic crafty skills, especially with an xacto, glue, and hand sewing.

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