DIY Bamboo Pan Flute

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Taught by Dan Y

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Ever wanted to break into song in the middle of the street or during an important meeting? Well get ready to loosen your tie, ruffle your hair and release your inner goat child as you craft your very own, highly-personalized DIY bamboo pan flute!

To get us in the zone, we will first discuss the history of the flute itself as well as the origins and benefits of using bamboo. Next, we will demonstrate the physics of the musical pipe and its ability to produce a clear tone. Once we’ve got the basics, the hands-on fun begins!

During this one-hour workshop you'll select your own bamboo pipes, mold and tune them to the correct pitch, decorate and customize them, and, finally, bind the pipes together to create a portable, colorful, musical instrument!

Students will need to bring a sense of adventure, a kindergarten song they’d like to play, and any decoration materials (colored tape, sprinkles, permanent markers/felt pens, and colored string/shoelaces all highly recommended)!

(Class size 10-12, hands on)

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