Discovering Your Wine Profile

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Taught by Kat

Kat Kelly has a passion for wine but strongly resists the industry standard photograph of her holding a wine glass and gazing into the distance. You’ll have to come to class to see that! Kat has a strong background in the New York wine scene and currently works for a Brooklyn based importer/distributor. She strives to educate the masses about wine, in a fun, attitude free environment. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, but enjoyment can be dramatically enhanced with tasting experience and some relevant background information. Grab a glass, open your mind and taste!

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Do you love wine but have a hard time describing what you like at your local wine store or restaurant? Are you the type of wine consumer who “knows what they like, when they taste it” but can’t translate this to your next bottle purchase?

It's time to figure out what your preferred wine profile is and put it to use. Join Brooklyn Brainery wine friend, Kat Kelly, as she guides you through a tasting of wines of varied styles from around the world to deepen your relationship with your flavor preferences.

The goal here is to not only find out what you like, but perhaps even more importantly what you don’t like. Discover key words to describe your preferences so you don’t get the eye roll next time you shop for wine. You are going to be brimming with confidence next time you order wine and full of helpful adjectives to assist your dutiful wine worker.

Get out of your Malbec rut!

(Class size: 12-15, discussion and tasting, 21+)

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