Design Thinking Bootcamp with The Design Gym

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Taught by The Design Gym

We are a group of designers, strategists and thinkers of many stripes. Go to for our full bios. They are too long for this tiny page. 

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Design Thinking is a powerful tool for problem solving and innovation, used by top companies and consultancies worldwide.

What's the secret sauce? How does it work and how can you use it to make your work, your company and your ideas better? Find out in one full day as we sprint through the five phases of Design Thinking! We'll cover the essentials of Design Thinking and how to start using it in your work and life.


The Five Phase of Design Thinking are mindsets and skillsets. We'll spend about an hour on each:

Examine: How user-centered design research works and how to start doing more of it.

Understand: How to synthesize and visualize all the data you capture into actionable insights.

Ideate: How to get great ideas and push more deeply past "brainstorming"

Experiment: How to prototype products, user experiences and services with simple tools.

Distil: How to use the power of storytelling and narrative to get people behind your ideas and plans 

We believe that anyone can use the design process to approach their problems - any problem. We'll talk about how understanding the context and constraints of a problem can help you discover the keys to a solution and show examples from real-world challenges.

We'll teach you the best ways to do real-world research and how to use the information you get from real people to help create better solutions. We'll learn how to rapidly ideate, how to sort our ideas to create more ideas, and to how to present our ideas and concepts to teams. You'll walk away with an actionable understanding of design process, storytelling and presentation techniques.

A brief pdf on the phases of design thinking is available for download here


We feel the most important part of learning the design process is real life practice, so that is exactly what we're bringing you. We'll be working with the problems and constraints of a real company.


The Design Gym is founded and run by a group of friends who use these skills every day. We practice in Fortune 500 companies, top design strategy firms, and global social investment organizations. We've worked with the good, the bad, and the ugly and want to share what we've learned along the way. Get the bios on the website. 



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