Creating Your Own Signature Dish

Jay Reifel
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Taught by Jay Reifel

Jay Reifel is a chef and writer whose work spans from ancient culinary history to Modernist technique. He is the chef at the Edible History supper club where he recreates historical recipes from original sources. He also runs Knives + Fire, an avant-fine dining pop-up. He combines a background at Michelin-starred restaurants with a passion for experimentation and historical research.

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Regardless of your skill level, you can create a spectacular dish all your own. Creativity in cooking isn’t some austere technical skill derived from infinite experience or some magic spark of innovation: it’s learning how to think about the process.

In this class, you will learn how to take what you know - or what you want to learn - as a starting point, and how turn that into a dish that expresses who you are and what you love about food. Most importantly, you will learn to think about food in a more exciting and pleasurable way!


(lecture/discussion - not a hands on cooking class!)

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