Create A Succulent Collage (ONLINE)

Megan E. Watters
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Taught by Megan Watters

Megan Watters works as a scenic artist on window displays, theatrical sets, fashion shows and more. Her jobs vary from painting faux marble to creating seaweed and barnacles for a makeshift pirate ship to covering full sets in rust using various faux-finishing techniques. Follow Megan on instagram at @meganewatters



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*This is a live, online class via Zoom*
In this class, we will create a whimsical composition using simple collage techniques. We will learn how to choose the the right colors to make your collage pop! We will also practice making making simple shapes into a more complex image. This class is suitable for all levels.
- Collage material: comics, magazines, photos, scrapbook paper, advertisements, holiday cards, etc. Make sure you have lots of variety, as we are going to be separating our images by COLOR.
- Scissors
- A pen or sharpie
- A glue stick or craft glue

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