Condiment Classics

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Taught by Carrie King

Carrie is a trained chef, writer and teacher. She loves to demonstrate that the path to being a better cook is paved with local and seasonal ingredients, good times and good intentions. Real food is simple food and everyone can make it - no matter how small your oven or kitchen is! When not cooking or writing about it, Carrie can be found poking around markets looking for the components of her next meal.

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Condiments - the great savior of food from the land of bland. The simple, tasty additions that can transform a rubbery hot dog or dry hamburger to sheer bliss on a bun. They are as commonplace as salt and pepper and yet, have you ever thought about how they are made - or even better still, how you might make them at home? 

Envision your first warm weather BBQ of 2012 and how impressive it will be when you break out your homemade mustard, ketchup or mayo. Watch your friends as they ooh and aah.  

The trick is that there isn't really anything too tricky about it! We'll get hands on with some good ole' American condiment classics and perhaps do a taste test or two. Everyone will leave with a little bit of condiment love to "spread" around at home. 

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