Cold Feet? Learn to Knit Socks!

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Taught by Jess M.

Jess likes so many things she’s coming apart at the seams! Or maybe it’s because she’s filled with beer (or bubble tea). Jess fell in love with sour beers in the 90's and has never looked back.

When not working to pay the bills, she fills the remaining time as a budding polymath, mastering everything from knitting to mushroom hunting. She can be found, occasionally, writing as the NY Knitting Examiner or on the oft-neglected group knitting blog, The Drowsy Knitter.

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Hey knitters, it's time to learn something new! And, you're in good company. Samurai knit their own tabis. Soldiers knit and darned their way through war. Now you, too, can become productive members of society with this one simple skill! Or, at least, warm the feet of those you love.

Sometimes you just need to see it to learn it, and this two-class series will give you exactly that! We want you to walk out of this class knowing how to knit the basic parts of a toe-up sock so you can either easily whip up your own, with a stitch pattern of your choosing, or follow a previously published pattern.

This class is intended for knitters with experience and comfort with basic stitches and, preferably, knitting in the round. This is not a beginner class. We will cover magic cast-on, short-row heels and various bind-off techniques. Homework is recommended.

Materials: Each student is required to bring the following materials to class:

*TWO (2) circular needles in size US 1, preferably 24 or 36" long (if you are a very loose knitter, bring size 0, if you are a very tight knitter, bring size 2) - we will not be following a pattern with gauge, so if you have two needles in one of these sizes, just bring that!

*one or two skeins of sock yarn (fingering weight, washable) - you'll need at least 300 yards for a short-cuffed pair of socks

(Class size: 8-10, hands-on)

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