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Taught by Brooklyn Brainery

Brooklyn Brainery hosts affordable classes at our location in Brooklyn (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights), as well as additional events around the borough. We hosted our first classes in 2010 and look forward to hosting many more for years to come. 

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People who don't drink coffee have no idea what they're missing. Luckily for those of us that do, there's about a million and one things to learn about it. 

One week we'll take on the beans themselves: focusing on things like characteristics, varietals, and roasting, with some help from the experts at Cafe Grumpy.  We'll figure out things like how to tell good beans from bad ones and what the difference is between robusta and arabica varietals.

Second week we'll talk about drinking coffee - ways to make it and where it came from in the first place.  Will having a Chemex really change your life? Why is cold brew iced coffee so much better than regular coffee with a bunch of ice in it?  Who were the first geniuses to brew coffee anyway?  We'll be getting some assistance this week from Blue Bottle Coffee.

Fact: one of the ways coffee keeps you awake is by popping into receptors that would normally be filled with adenosine, which tells your body when it's tired. 

Some places to start reading up: the NYTimes's interactive map of the best coffee from a few months back, a bunch of in-depth coffee forums, and good ole Wikipedia

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