Cloud Study: Prospect Park

image courtesy Lisa Nett
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Taught by Lisa Nett

Lisa hails from the tree filled state of Wisconsin. She studied forestry at UW-Madison, and the art of firewood stacking on the family dairy farm. She rolls through the city streets on a trusty Schwinn while sneaking peeks at the passing trees. Check out Lisa's tree-focused Tumblr, The Tree Seen, or follow her on Twitter, @lisa_nett

Sunday, April 28, 10:30-11:30am

Part whimsy, part cloud science, 100 percent fun! If you are interested in appreciating clouds more deeply then come on outside and join us!

There will be a robust discussion of cloud classification, weather forecasting that doesn't involve your smartphone, and the hidden merits in cloud shape studies.

This exploration will meet in Prospect Park, and exact meeting information will be sent over the day before the class. 

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