Chinese for Curious Foodies

Rei Wang
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Taught by Rei Wang

Rei has eaten her way through most parts of the world. She was born in China, grew up in Boston, and went to school in Atlanta. So naturally, soup dumplings, clam chowder, and fried chicken are amongst her favorite foods.

When she’s not eating, Rei can be found building communities for GOOD, riding her bike, or tinkering with design.

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We all know there’s more to Chinese food than General Tsao’s Chicken and Sesame Beef, but where do you find it and how the heck do you order it?

This class is for people who love food, Chinese food in particular, and who want to learn the secrets of ordering it at a Chinese restaurant. It’s partly a language class, but mostly a reason to eat lots of delicious Chinese food.

In the classroom session, we’ll learn how to read and pronounce key words and phrases in Chinese. We’ll cover essential phrases like “It’s delicious” (好吃) and “make it spicy” (加辣). You’ll walk away knowing where to find your favorite Chinese dishes in New York and how to order them in Chinese.

Then, on the following Saturday, June 22, we’ll go on an (optional) field trip to Sunset Park, Brooklyn to put your newfound Chinese skills to practice and indulge in a Chinese-style feast.

No prior knowledge of Chinese is necessary for this class. We’ll focus on learning how to speak in Mandarin and how to read simplified characters.

The field trip is optional, but highly recommended, and will take place on Saturday, June 22 at 5pm in Sunset Park, with the exact restaurant to be decided. (Everyone will pay for their own food at the restaurant.)


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