Calculus You'll Understand

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Taught by Paul Salomon

Paul is a math nerd living in Brooklyn.  He's also a juggler, musician, mathematical artist, and father-to-be from Saint Louis. He teaches math to grades 5-12 at Saint Ann's School, and he's thankful to be done with his Masters. Now he can really learn some stuff.

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What if you actually knew what Calc was all about? Let's make that happen.

This is not AP Calc. There is no prerequisite. This class is for anyone, especially if you've ever said, "Oh, I am so not a math person." Let's just get together and dig into the weird, surprising, beautiful, world of Calculus!

In 3 sessions we'll hit on the major concepts: limits, derivatives, and integrals. And we'll do it by rethinking infinity, imagining the infinitessimally tiny, and thinking about cool problems and stuff. This is seriously cool math.

We'll use words that make sense. We'll draw pictures to see what's going on, and we'll use calculators whenever we want. I'm not going to dilute the math or dumb it down. We're just going to look at fantastic examples, talk them out, and understand the stuff together. 

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