Business Skills for Artists

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Taught by Yoshie Okabayashi

Originally from Japan, Yoshie has been in the media production and operation field for the past 15 years. When she's not in front of Avid or Excel sheets, she enjoys ramen and udon with friends. See more at

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Hey artists, why are you working for free?

It's time to earn the dough you deserve! This role-playing, exercise-based class will teach freelance artists how to negotiate with clients and get paid for the work that they do.

We'll go over how to meet and communicate with clients, and how to pitch your business effectively to get that call back. We'll answer important questions like "Should you create a rate card?" and "How do I approach that horrendous price negotiation process?"

We'll also look at the importance of treating yourself as the CEO. Artists tend to forget that they are also the CEO, sales, marketing, operation and digibtal media of their own business. We'll review how to tackle this issue and learn how to know your own value.

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