Building Your Bonsai Skills

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Taught by Julian Velasco

Julian Velasco is a bonsai professional and former curator of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's C.V. Starr Bonsai Museum’s world famous collection of 300+ bonsai for over 10 years. Julian has designed, developed and maintained some of the best bonsai in the US. Along with solo bonsai art shows, his bonsai art has been commissioned for film, museums, designers, architects, and of course private bonsai collectors.

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Bonsai growing is full of triumphs and tribulations. Success is always fun and I do hope for many happy, healthy bonsai. Inevitably some misfortunes are bound to happen. These victories and hardships can be what push many of us, myself included to keep learning and asking questions. It is easy to be motivated with success but it’s what we do about our failures that will help us improve and reach a point of consistently growing beautiful and thriving bonsai.

The art of bonsai is not easy, getting over the initial learning bumps and reaching a point of dependable success is a matter of observation, dedication, and a love for bonsai. Like any personal or artistic growth, it takes effort and sound knowledge to thrive.

Let's grow together and advance to help our bonsai and ourselves to be the best we can be by building our skills in bonsai art.

These classes are not a “make your own bonsai”, they are a laid back relaxing way to further our skills by having more time to go in-depth on technique and ask specific questions for detailed sound answers. There is no need to bring a bonsai, but you are more than welcome to bring a bonsai for health analyses or advance its development if appropriate. Please avoid bringing bonsai with pest/insect issues. Take photos if this is the case.

These classes are tailored for you and the depth and knowledge that can be gained is boundless.

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