Budgeting and Bookkeeping for Artists

image courtesy Maurits Burger

Taught by Robyn Hillman-Harrigan

Robyn is a Creative Writer, Educator and professional Bookkeeper. She understands the joys (personal expression) and pitfalls (encroaching poverty) of being an artist in New York and has amassed an arsenal of ways to make and save money while maintaining a creative life. Robyn is concerned with conscious living and personal healing. She coaches people towards balance and sustainability, helping them to get organized, manage their finances, and remove barriers to fulfillment. She wants to share the budgeting skills and creative income insights that she has acquired with her students. Robyn has taught privately, at Trade School and at regular school (She also has a Masters in Education). She lives on a Houseboat in the Rockaways and in an apartment in Williamsburg.

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Living in New York can get expensive, and if you are an artist this expense can start to feel unmanageable, to say the least. It can start to feel like there is no solution to your money woes, but the solution may be easier than you think.

By planning out a weekly and monthly budget, keeping track of what you earn and spend and by changing your psychological relationship to money, you can start living within your current means, expanding your income and eventually setting aside some savings.

As a class we will asses what we value, demystify the assumptions that artists don't need to care about money, and that if we do we are in some way selling out. We will instead focus on a self-care model of financial management. Budgeting and Bookkeeping for Artists is not about getting rich, it is about letting go of money anxiety and becoming self-sufficient and empowered to focus on creative goals.

(Class size: 12-15, lecture and discussion)

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