Brooklyn's "Red Legg'd Devils", The Fightingest Regiment of the Civil War

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Taught by Ben DiMatteo

A true fan of the woods, Ben has logged hundreds of miles solo and group trekking particularly on trails that can be reached from the city by public transportation. His youth in scouting and many adult years spent rediscovering the lost art of woodcraft provide a tried-and-true wealth of knowledge that can't be gleaned from gear reviews or recreation store salespeople. Though he hasn't thru-hiked the AT, he's sure he could.

When in the city, Ben brings the great outdoors inside and teaches several classes on how to make and keep terrariums.

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The Fourteenth Brooklyn Chausseurs was a regiment raised during the American Civil War, primarily from the affluent families that resided in the stately mansions and row houses that line Brooklyn Heights. Yet despite their privileged background, the favored sons of Brooklyn proved their mettle in the war's first large-scale battle and earned their nickname from none other than "Stonewall" Jackson for the bright red pantaloons they wore in combat. 

Over the course of three brutal years, these boys from Brooklyn fought in every major battle of the Civil War's eastern theater, and earned an unlikely distinction for speed on the march and valor in the field. Their actions at the Battle of Gettysburg--in which they were the only Union regiment to fight all three bloody days--may have saved the course of the battle for the North and thus history itself.

In this class you'll learn about the deep history of this regiment, which actually stretches from the earliest decades of America's history, on into the World Wars and beyond. You'll also come to know the various landmarks around Brooklyn and abroad that pay homage to the "Red Legg'd Devils'" direct role in preserving the Union and ending slavery in the states.

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